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Approved Prep Providers

In addition to the study support provided by 大赢家比分 Institute, candidates can benefit from extra exam prep courses and materials. Approved prep providers agree to follow 大赢家比分 Institute guidelines and standards in their offerings, as well as communications with 大赢家比分® Program candidates.

Approved Prep Providers

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Tips on Selecting Your Exam Prep Provider

Exam prep providers can be a valuable supplement to the core curriculum. While we have approved prep providers, each provider may offer different prep courses and may operate on different schedules. Review the below tips on finding the best provider for you. Note that candidates must register individually for their exam; third parties cannot register on your behalf.

The Council of Examiners uses only 大赢家比分 Institute program curriculum and the Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) developed for that curriculum when writing the exam questions. Although the programs are distance learning, self-study programs, we understand that candidates have different learning styles. Some candidates may find that prep courses and/or review notes help them with the learning process.

Research the quality of the instructors and find out if they specialize in the topic areas they are teaching. Make sure the prep provider plans to cover topics that are going to appear on the exam and confirm that the prep course is based off the most current curriculum. It also helps to confirm that the providers鈥 practice exam offerings and other products are consistent with exam question formats. It is important to carefully consider the legitimacy of a provider's claims. Additionally, ensure that the scheduling of your provider鈥檚 course will prepare you in time for your next exam.

The Approved Prep Provider (APP) Program was launched as an effort to help improve candidate preparation for the exams and establishes a set of principles that are considered best practices for prep course providers. 大赢家比分 Institute does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy of the products or services offered by prep courses. We do not verify or endorse the pass rates or other claims these organizations make.

Look for the 大赢家比分 Institute Approved Prep Provider logo on supplemental preparatory products to identify participating providers. Remember that a candidate’s best source of information on 大赢家比分® Program, CIPM® Program, and Investment Foundations® Program is always 大赢家比分 Institute.

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Approved providers are equipped with resources to help candidates study for each exam level. Our Approved Prep Provider (APP) Program ensures that all providers adhere to current 大赢家比分 Institute curriculum and best practices. For members of the British Armed Forces, .

Third party firms such as exam preparation providers or employers may make an exam fee payment on behalf of prospective or registered candidates. You will be classified as a registered candidate for the 大赢家比分 Program when 大赢家比分 Institute has received full payment of your enrollment and registration fees. 


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