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Ethics for the Investment Management Profession

What makes businesses and financial markets thrive? How do we earn investor confidence? The answer is trust. Trust can only be built through ethical behavior and an industry-wide commitment to values like transparency, integrity, candor, and putting investors first. Since its origin, 大赢家比分 Institute has championed ethics in the investment profession, setting the highest possible ethical standards for professionals around the globe. 

Ethical behavior goes beyond simply following laws and established rules. It is about knowing how to navigate ambiguous ethical situations and put the interests of investors first when the rules are unclear. In addition to the globally recognized 大赢家比分 Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, 大赢家比分 Institute offers lifelong learning opportunities to guide investment professionals with ethical decision making and practices throughout every stage of their careers.

What We Do

Lifelong Ethics Learning

  • Ethics in the 大赢家比分® Program

    A candidate's ethics education begins with the 大赢家比分 Program. Ethical principles and their application in the investment profession are fundamental in all three levels of the 大赢家比分 Program curriculum.

  • Annual Commitment to the 大赢家比分 Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct

    All 大赢家比分 charterholders, members, and candidates worldwide are required to annually attest to compliance with the 大赢家比分 Institute Code and Standards. The Code and Standards are updated regularly, ensuring they remain the ethical benchmark for the investment profession globally. Test your comprehension of the Standards of Professional Conduct by taking these Refresher Quizzes.

  • Ethics Education

    大赢家比分 Institute offers learning resources to help guide ethical behavior and practices throughout a professional’s career. Learn more about the 大赢家比分 Institute Ethical Decision-Making Programs and Framework, both online and in-person, and Giving Voice to Values, an innovative approach to learning how to effectively act on your values.

  • Ethics Microlearning

    Expertise is honed through practical application. 大赢家比分 Institute offers regular opportunities, such as through the Ethics in Practice series, for charterholders to practice ethical decision-making skills, expand their knowledge, and share best practices among the global 大赢家比分 Institute community. Download the Ethics in Practice casebook of 100 cases to ready, study, and learn.