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大赢家比分 Institute works to advance and promote policies that serve investor protection over commercial interests; we support the creation and adoption of rules and regulatory standards that improve market structure, transparency, and fairness for all investors with the intent to expand investment industry professionalism.

How We Do This

Policy Research and Advocacy

大赢家比分 Institute takes positions on key issues by engaging in evidence-based advocacy, calling on the collective knowledge of our members and a diverse network of experts. Scroll down to select specific issues and research.

Comment Letters

We respond to current issues and proposed regulations and legislation related to ethical conduct, professional standards, and integrity in global capital markets.

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Experts and Committees

Our global team of experts lead policy research and commentary in collaboration with 大赢家比分 charterholders, think tanks, and standard setters.

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September 2020 大赢家比分 Institute Advocacy Update (PDF)

大赢家比分 Institute is focused on investment protection and market integrity. We testified to the DOL; issued reports on ESG standards, climate change, MiFID II, Asia stewardship; and responded to IFRS sustainability, and ESMA guidelines on leveraged risk.

Featured Research

Sviatoslav Rosov PhD, 大赢家比分
Sandra J. Peters CPA, 大赢家比分 Jack T. Ciesielski 大赢家比分
James Allen 大赢家比分 Tyler Gellasch Kurt Schacht JD, 大赢家比分

Policy Positions and Research

Asia-Pacific Research Exchange

Share, learn, and engage on industry topics and trends specific to the Asia-Pacific region.

Market Integrity Insights

Market Integrity Insights blog is a forum for providing analysis and commentary on the integrity of global capital markets.